Our elementary school faculty base everything they do on the Word of God. Each test, quiz, homework assignment, and actitvity is organized with the goal of urging each child toward Christlikeness.  Our academic program consists of Bible, Phonics, Reading, Language, Spelling, Mathematics, Health, Science, History, Physical Education, Band, Choir, and Art.

Specific objectives are listed below.

*Teach the student to communicate and think as both are important tools for the future.

*Teach the student word perception and decoding of words.  This is done daily and should be mastered.

*Teach the student to read orally with expression and comprehension.

*Teach the student to compose oral and written sentences as well as read those sentences silently.

*Teach the student the parts of speech.

*Teach the student mathematics skills that build independent thinking and problem solving.

Students are taught to compare, prioritize, think independently, and solve problems.  It is through this that students have a higher critical thinking skill ability.