Athletics Overview

Our athletic program is important because it provides an outlet for physical exercise with a tool to teach Christ-likeness in a valuable learning environment. It also fosters a wholesome atmosphere for fun, fellowship, encouragement, and school spirit for our school family.

Great care must be exercised to protect this environment from our  selfish ambitions and the worldly attitudes prevalent in our culture  today. Sporting events must be tempered with Spirit-produced self-  control, both for the athlete and the spectator. Biblical principles must  guide our actions and attitudes.

 Our coaches are committed to excellence, and we generally see our  varsity teams make the Florida Christian Conference playoffs each  year.

Our parents are committed to serving the fans a variety of items from the concession stand.

Our students are each permitted to play on a CCS team if they meet the athletic eligibility requirement. We offer competitive sports in volleyball, soccer, golf, and basketball.  Our young ladies play volleyball and basketball.  Our young men play soccer, basketball, and golf.

Soccer/Volleyball Schedule