Speaking in public is a necessity that all people will experience sooner or later.  Believers in Jesus Christ should express themselves in a trained and confident manner so as to be good ambassadors for communicating Biblical thinking.  Speech class is presented with that in mind.

It is important that Christian school students understand the importance of proper communication and develop skills to make use of it in a public arena.

In speech class, many opportunities are given to the students to develop speeches and present them in front of their peers and their teacher.  Each class member speaks in front of others on a regular basis and receives constructive criticism to improve manner of delivery and substance of content.

As an extension of our speech class, the students, along with others that are interested, learn valuable communication skills that will help them well after they have left our halls by participating in our school plays and other dramas.  Our drama program presents plays and musicals to help students learn all the aspects of a stage production as well as how to balance schedules.  We strive to introduce them to theatre and Christ-honoring productions that will leave them well-rounded in the area of fine arts.