Mobile Commitment Form
• Due to the independent nature of mobile learning, families interested in maintaining student status remotely must be certain that students are good candidates for this model. Factors to consider are student history of academic excellence, strong executive functioning skills, and advice from previous teachers.
• Families should consider household makeup and health when deciding to remain in a mobile scenario.

• Students who enter the CCS Mobile program will commit to remaining in the mobile learning program through the entire first semester.
• While students who have completed requirements for the CCS Mobile program will be permitted to transition back into the classroom after Christmas, transfers will be subject to space availability and will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.
• Students who continually miss benchmark deadlines or fail to follow clearly communicated instructions may be dismissed from the CCS and will have to explore other options for their education.

• Students in CCS Mobile will be supervised by a para-professional proctor who will handle all day-to-day operation of the mobile learning program.
• Students may be required to come to campus to take certain tests based on the determination of the proctor. These tests would be supervised in an isolated room on campus.
• Families of mobile students will be required to sign this CCS Mobile Commitment form and return it to the school office no later than Monday, August 3. After this date, families who have not signed a commitment will be enrolled in the CCS Traditional program.
• Regular tuition rates will apply.
• Participation in any extra-curricular activities will require approval by the administrative team.