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Two-Year-Old Kindergarten
  • Numbers: Learning numbers is fun when students have large, simple pictures to color as they count the objects. While learning numbers, shapes, pairs, and opposites, students also develop skills such as counting to ten, hand-eye coordination, coloring, and listening, along with thinking and reasoning.
  • Language: Teachers help your child develop language skills. While students learn numbers and letters, teachers will introduce language skills that deal with science, health, safety, manners, community helpers, geography, history, family, colors, shapes, numbers, and more.
  • Bible: Teachers tell favorite stories from the Old and New Testaments and help two-year-old students understand the significance of important holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Through memorizing short Bible verses, students have God’s instructions to help them daily as they learn about Creation, God’s promises, obedience, prayer, God’s protection, salvation, miracles, and Heaven.
  • Music: Students learn over fifty songs that reinforce animal names, the alphabet, and numbers. Music times will entertain your preschooler while teaching him important concepts.