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Excellence and Affordability...

Dr. Bill Harvey said "Christian education doesn't cost; it pays!" Scripture supports this by teaching us that where our treasure is our hearts are also (Matthew 6:21). While CCS makes every reasonable effort to keep tuition and fees affordable, it is important to remember that investing in Christian education is investing in eternity. Your child will benefit from qualified and compassionate teachers, safe and newly-renovated facilities, and a program devoted to training up disciples of Jesus Christ.

Six weeks to twelve months* $900
Twelve to twenty-four months* $800
K2-K3 full day* $700
K2-K3 half day* $525
K4 (VPK)


$0 (VPK)

K4 VPK wraparound* $385
*$80 registration fee applies for all levels except free K4 (VPK).


Curriculum and course $300 (K5-6)
$400 (7-8)
$550 (9-12)
Registration $150
Entrance testing $35
Capital improvement $250
Tuition $7500
Various scholarships and multi-child discounts are available.
Athletics (per sport)
grades 4-6
grades 7-12

School play $25-75
School uniform $40
Class dues (grades 9-12) $75
P.E. uniform (K5-ninth grade) $8-20
Music lessons (32 thirty-minute lessons) $750
Regional/National competition $8-150
Choir/Band Festival $30 each
Band/Choir uniform $15-80
Instrument rental $200
Individualized education program $3000
Extended hours resource $3000
Not all fees apply to all students in all grades. Please speak to the administrator if you feel your child would benefit from our extended resource program or needs specialized instruction due to an IEP..
K5-sixth grade (6:30-8 a.m./3:15-6 p.m) $200 (first child)
$100 (+sibling)
Seventh-twelfth grade (3:15-6 p.m.) $100 (or $10 per day)
Contact the office for more details about extended care.

Various scholarships and multi-child discounts are available. Please contact the office for more information.