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Four-Year-Old Kindergarten/VPK

Writing: Writing is one of the most important skills children will use throughout life. In K4, students develop key foundational blocks for writing, while reinforcing some phonics concepts. Students practice correct formations of alphabets, blends, and 1-vowel words, while remembering how to pronounce them.

Reading and Numbers: Teachers use age-appropriate, colorful activities to help students count to 20 and read one-vowel and two-vowel words. Using blend ladders and coloring exercises, teachers show students how to recognize letters and the sounds that they make as well as how to count and recognize a specific number of objects. With coloring, matching, dot-to-dot, and tracing activities, teachers strive to give students a firm understanding of reading and numbers.​

Bible: Developing a love for God’s word is the most important thing we can teach students. Teacher guide students as they explore the adventures of David, learn of the ultimate love that Jesus has for each of us, and color along to the stories of each Bible hero that has shaped the course of history.

Arts and Crafts: Teaches work to develop student creativity early. This class provides thirty-six art projects that range from making a puppet to putting together a valentine’s door hanger. Students love fun-filled projects all year long while developing foundational skills including cutting, drawing, gluing, and coloring.

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