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What we learn in K5...
Bible: Students learn about God through the lives of major characters throughout the Bible.
Reading and Phonics: Students start at the beginning with the alphabet and all sounds. Soon they learn to associate pictures and words, enhance vocabulary, develop reasoning and listening skills, and follow directions. Students will apply their understanding of one- and two-vowel words, special phonics sounds, and blends to create words, finish sentences, solve puzzles, and color pictures. Teachers emphasize writing skills, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, listening and thinking skills, as well as good character. Students learn simple classic poetry to help develop their imaginations.
Writing: Students utilize the basic phonics concepts to develop their cursive writing skills. Students will learn to write full sentences.
Arithmetic:  Students learn number concepts from 1-100 and practical skills including telling time, bill and coins value, using the calendar, and much more.
Social Studies:  Students learn simple geography concepts and the beginnings of American history. Students learn facts from different countries, meet children around the world, and understand the roles of different community helpers.
Science: Students develop a love for science while learning about God’s world. Teachers introduce concepts such as health, seeds, animals, the seashore, weather, and seasons.

In addition to the core curriculum, elementary students at CCS receive daily instruction in several related arts.