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Dear CCS Family:


Re-enrollment for present school families begins February 22. Please read through the information on this page so that you will be able to have all the completed paperwork and fees ready to turn in to the office. You must have all paperwork completed in order to receive the discounted pricing per student. Below you will find the necessary re-enrollment information:

  1. Re-enrollment application: preschool or K5-12
  2. VPK information (if applicable)
  3. Tuition brochure
  4. Step-up for Students information
  5. Thanks-to-You brochure
  6. Seventh grade immunization requirement
  7. Music lessons form

Re-enrollment will not be accepted without complete paperwork and payment of fees. For students in K5 through grade twelve, the registration fee is $25 per child through Friday, February 26. You will save $125 by re-enrolling before the end of that day. For children in the nursery up to K4, the registration fee is $80 per child.


Please remember this important tuition information:

  1. Tuition paid monthly is due by the first of each month.
  2. A $25 late charge is applied for payments received after the tenth of each month.
  3. If payment is not made by the fifteenth, the child will not be permitted to attend school until the payment is made or an arrangement for payment has been made.
  4. Monthly preschool rates will be charged regardless of the number of days the student attends. Monthly rates will be prorated by the week only for the first and last month of a student's attendance. Monthly rates are based on four calendar weeks per month, which means the fifth week of a month is free. (That's four free weeks in a year's time.) Paying weekly requires paying one month's tuition (four extra weeks) before August 1. The new tuition rates begin August 1.
  5. School tuition is paid on a ten-month payment schedule from August to May. To receive a four percent discount, families must pay all tuition and fees for the year by September 1. This discount is given on tuition only—not fees. Fees for students in K5 though grade six include the curriculum. Fees for students in grades seven through twelve include curriculum, course fees, and the annual retreat.
  6. Extended care fees for students in K5 through grade six are due on a monthly basis ($150 for one student; $225 for two students). Extended care is provided for students who need it on a regular basis and is not for occasional use.
  7. Extended care fees for students in grades seven through twelve are $5 per day or $75 per month.
  8. The Capital Improvement Fund fee is $250 per family. This fee is for facility and property improvements.
  9. The Thanks-to-You tuition credit is available to school families who recommend new families to CCS. The amount is $500 per school family or $200 per preschool family. After the new family has been enrolled for five months the credit will be applied to the referring family’s account. If you know a family that is interested in enrolling, please contact the school office, and we will be happy to send out an information packet.


Thank you for trusting us to help educate your child. We desire to continue providing affordable, quality childcare and instruction for the families of our communities.









Mr. Terry Hale